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Valrhona Feves Euatoriale Dark Chocolate 55%

: $17.99
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Equatoriale Dark 55%  -  France  -  Feves

Valrhona universal dark Chocolate. Chocolate couverture with 55% cocoa. A balanced chocolate taste this is Valrhona universal dark chocolate. Technical Usage include pastry, chocolate fillings, moulding, couverture and icing. Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavor. Emulsifier: soy lecithin This product may contain traces of nuts, milk and egg proteins, gluten and peanut.

Valrhona feves are easier to melt than bars -- does not require breaking and/or chopping -- Each feve weighs 3gr making it easy to weigh without a scale -- 19 feves equals 2 oz.

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